What to bring to your consultation

Please bring the following items to your initial free bankruptcy consultation appointment if you have them.  If you don't have an item or it does not pertain to you, then of course you need not bring it.

Important Items if they Pertain to You

  1. If you file tax returns, your most recent federal tax return and/or W2's;

  2. If you or your spouse works, the most recent paystub (spouse's also even if filing bankruptcy individually);

  3. The year, make model, and miles on any vehicles in your name;

  4. The payoff on any mortgages and vehicle loans; and,

  5. The approximate amount of your credit card and medical debt.

Supplemental Items if they Pertain to You

  1. If you are retired, your retirement income statement and social security income amount;

  2. If you have been served with a lawsuit, bring the lawsuit papers;

  3. If you are recently divorced, bring the divorce papers including property settlement agreement; and,

  4. If you have one already, your credit report otherwise it's not necessary to pull one for the consultation.

If you are unable to bring any of the above items, please keep your free consultation appointment because we can go by your memory for the consultation and obtain necessary items later for verification purposes.


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